Monday, July 21, 2014

Brain Cancer Awareness - Gray Matters

A friend of mine Melissa from Unique Styles asked in a PSP Group (Graphic Groupies) if we would like to make any thing for a Blog train for Brain Cancer because her friends mom has a form of brain cancer. I'm a new kit designer actually this is my second FTU scrap kit I have ever done and think I did a decent job with it hoping you like it and can find a use for it.
Below is the post from her about her friend.
My best friend's mom and her family are going through a really
rough time right now. Her mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma.
 She lives far away from me now. and the only other
 way I could think to support her (besides through words)
was to make some type of support tag for her.
But the problem is there aren't many other awareness scrap kits out there.
None being Brain cancer. So I set out to make a scrap kit, fitting this very awareness.

Download my part HERE
Hopefully more contributions to follow:
Unique Styles-Melissa HERE
Jo's Designz, Grab her part HERE
Maria's Place, Grab her part HERE
Lady Queen grab her part HERE
Always creations  HERE 
FairyGemCreates HERE
 LindaNM Rawkin Designs HERE <-------------- your here
Scarab scraps  HERE

Monday, July 7, 2014

Romantic Summer Colab Cluster frame #44 and #45


These 2 Clusters were made with a FTU Kit from
Golddust and Peace named Romantic Summer
If you would like to check out these awesome kits and blogs
These are the Tags I made with each one

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